About us

Who We Are

Rostec Empowerment Consulting, is headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa and has a large pool of seasoned professionals with work experiences from across the globe providing consulting services in a wide range of fields including the following:

Methodologies and Workflow

We have built solid relationships with our clients, by providing advice and applying fundamental yet company-specific approach to every client and their project(s). We select the appropriate methodology to suit project needs. We continue to fine-tune the way in which we work with clients to deliver effective solutions and complete projects within budget. Each project is managed with a workflow that is most suited to the client and/or project.

School of Leadership and Governance

Rostec School of Leadership and Governance is part of the Rostec Group and was set up to cater for the in-service training need of Governmental and Corporate entities. The School of Leadership and Governance offers multiple courses according to the schedule contained in it’s prospectus. Apart from the scheduled courses, the School of Leadership and Governance does offer other courses that are requested by client organizations. All courses offered by the Rostec are done in a flexible format to meet the varying needs of its client organizations and participants. The courses may be conducted at any of Rostec’s campuses across South Africa, on the client organisation’s premises, or at a convenient hotel or retreat.

Once a course(s) has been agreed with a client organization, the School of Leadership and Governance will proceed as follows:

  1. Engage with the relevant department(s) or unit(s) within the client organization’s structure, that has the need for training, to ascertain the exact course content required,
  2. Embark on an exercise to identify the most suitable facilitator(s) for the course(s),
  3. Ask the facilitator(s) to develop a course manual covering the identified course content. The course manual will be finalized, and adequate number of copies printed in order to ensure that all course participants will get a copy.
  4. Liaise with the client organization to identify the dates and appropriate venue for training. Where necessary the School will assist with identifying suitable accommodation for the participants.


For more information about the school of Leadership and Governance, please download the prospectus below